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Meticulous polymath

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PhD candidate at the University of Toronto studying meta-awareness and attention. Co-Founder of the Psychedelic Studies Research Program and Canadian Centre for Psychedelic Science pioneering research on psychedelic microdosing. Side-projects on mediation, creativity, wisdom, and attention. Strong focus on rigour and transparency.

In ninety seconds

My PhD supervisor is Prof. Norman Farb in the Regulatory and Affective Dynamics Laboratory. My PhD committee includes Prof. Michael Inzlicht (social neuroscientist) and Prof. Kei Fukuda (cognitive neuroscientist).

I am developing neuroanalytic methods aimed at studying meta-awareness: the moment that we realize that our behaviours are not aligned with our overall goals. The clearest example of this is when we catch ourselves unintentionally mind-wandering even though our goal is to pay attention to the task at hand.

I collect and analyze self-report, behavioural, physiological, and neuroimaging (MRI, fNIRS, EEG) data. I’m ultimately trying to model how 1.5 kg of fatty brain-tissue consciously experiences a universe, but for now I take baby steps toward answering those big questions. My PhD attempts to develop tools for modelling the neural dynamics of attention and meta-awareness: objectively quantifying the subjective.

I love to collaborate so feel free to reach out. Collaboration is a resource-multiplier. I take special joy in designing Xanatos gambit experiments; it is an exercise in reducing inefficiencies and I love it.

Read my CV for the concise summary (link may not work if you’re on a VPN).

A brief timeline of my personal universe

My Personal Life

Not that it’s anyone’s business, but here are a few things about me. I adore decadence.

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